Making radioactivity measurement more accessible

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PEROVSKITES represent a wide range of materials with varied and exceptional functional properties.

Under its SETSAFE brand, the Innovation Center of KEP Technologies offers nuclear measurement solutions that harness the unique characteristics of halogenated perovskites.

Leveraging over a decade of expertise and research conducted at EPFL by Prof. Forró’s group, KEP Technologies has acquired in-depth knowledge of these materials and mastered their synthesis.

These perovkites are used in the development of detection and alarm devices which, depending on their design and performance, cover applications such as locating radioactive sources, in defense contexts or protecting the public against nuclear and radiological risks.

Developments focusing on these crystals also open up prospects in the fields of industrial nuclear safety and medical applications.

Our mastery of the crystal synthesis process means that we can now make these crystals available to our customers for their own research and development.


KEP Technologies accompanies you on your nuclear projects.

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