Management, Design, Production and Implementation of Engineering Projects

KEP TECHNOLOGIES is the privileged partner of companies in the development of innovative, technically efficient and economically profitable solutions.


What sets us apart

Seven key points that make our difference

  • Complex projects

    Deep experience managing complex projects at all stages.

  • Environmental constraints

    Mastery of requirements related to highly constrained environments such as nuclear, aeronautics, etc.

  • Integration

    Wide range of skills and a network of qualified subcontractors.

  • Technologies

    Mastery of numerous technologies and their integration into partner technologies.

  • International

    Proximity and reactivity through our direct presence on four continents.

  • Capacity

    Industrial and financial capacity to lead long, complex projects.

  • Certifications

    Sector certifications, qualifications and authorizations (aeronautics, nuclear, defence…).

Project management

For many years, KEP Technologies Group teams have demonstrated their ability to implement complex industrial engineering projects. The skills and experience acquired in the field allow us to intervene both with project managers and project owners, and as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) in the context of multidisciplinary projects. Our project management know-how gives us control over all project stages, managing deadlines, costs, risks, documentation and compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. We have also developed a qualified network of partners and sub-contractors to complement our in-house capabilities and expertise.


Engineering Project management - KEP Technologies

Our Skills and Expertise

Our teams have acquired multi-disciplinary skills around multiple technological expertise:

  • Measurement & instrumentation

    measure & instrumentation
  • Artifical Intelligence & Software development

    artificial intelligence software
  • Hard & soft Electronics

    hard & soft electronics
  • Mechanics

  • Calculation & Numerical Simulation

    numerical simulation
  • Industrial IT

    industrial IT
  • Robotics & automation

    robotics & automation
  • Thermal science

  • Materials


Markets and achievements

Discover some examples of how we have helped our customers in the following markets.

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