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Design and production of metal assemblies

KEP Technologies, through its KEP METAL SOLUTIONS brand, offers the largest prime contractors in the Defense sector its know-how for the design and manufacture of technical parts and assemblies, while integrating a wide range of metalworking technologies.
These are particularly critical parts and assemblies with extremely tight manufacturing tolerances: such as drifts for combat aircraft, radar supports and components,fighter aircraft tow bar, missile carriers, missile caps and components, parts for optronic applications, casings for countermeasure projectiles, mortar-type launchers and control consoles.



Nuclear Material Inventory

We develop different systems, based on calorimetric measurement, for the non-destructive inventory and characterization of nuclear materials. We provide calorimeters for different container-types. Several of our systems are installed in France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Inner and outer diameter control

The efficiency and resistance to aging of many mechanical systems depends on the accuracy of fit between the internal and external diameters of their parts. For example a piston sliding in a cylinder or a shell sliding in the barrel of a gun. Our versatile solutions use tactile or non-contact sensors. They are adapted to many different control conditions (complex parts, high speeds, etc.).

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Characterization of energetic materials

Setaram’s material characterization solutions are used in most of the major research centers in this sector (CEA, DGA, etc.). In particular, calorimeters are essential for stability studies of powders, pyrotechnic products or explosive products to optimize ammunition storage

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Conveying, automatic storage

We develop automated handling, conveying and storage systems for production lines, which are adapted to customer requirements. Our expertise enables us to offer solutions for the handling and storage of heavy, critical parts, including high bay storage.




Automated handling and storage system

Within the context of post-Fukushima measures, which consist of consolidating or replacing nuclear installations to guarantee their safety eg. in the event of an earthquake or flood, KEP Technologies Group has developed an automated system for handling containers of nuclear material. The automated system enables containers to be stored in racks at different heights while respecting rules to reduce the risk of criticality linked to storage of significant quantities of radioactive material. The KEP Technologies Group managed this complete and complex project from A to Z. It called upon the full technical skills of the group to meet all requirements: safety constraints, earthquake resistance, durability, resistance to radioactive irradiation, easy maintainability, safety redundance, easy handling by operators. The project was carried out in record time for a project of this magnitude. Within its scope the Group’s engineering teams successfully completed: Calculations of earthquake resistance, mechanical studies and design, safety studies, organizational and human factors, etc. design, electrical realization, control command, industrial computing, vision, on-site installation, commissioning, user training, maintenance and logistical support and maintenance (SLI SDF).


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