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Hydrogen – Energy

Hydrogen is an increasingly reliable alternative to fossil fuels. But the sector still faces many technological challenges. We use our skills in the design and production of mechanical assemblies, of industrial control systems, in materials characterization, engineering and innovation to help to with your challenges, whether they are linked with production, delivery, storage or conversion technologies.

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Nuclear energy

KEP Technologies, through its various brands and activities, helps its customers in the nuclear sector to meet their challenges. These challenges require the use of specific solutions that involve the Group’s expertise, innovation capabilities, diversified skills, certifications (CEFRI) and project management methods.

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Solutions for Radioactivity Measurement and Related Operations in the Nuclear Field

We partner with you to provide standard or customized solutions to meet your radioactivity measurement challenges. Our skilled team of engineers and academic doctors lead projects from solution conception right through to installation, training and maintenance, or however you require. Our metal, engineering and industrial control expertise also allows us to intervene on diverse and broader operations, whilst respecting all constraints of the nuclear field.

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Characterization of materials for energy

SETARAM thermal analyzers, calorimeters, and gas sorption analyzers are used to:

• Determine the composition of fuels (biomass, coal, waste), and acquire information for their pyrolysis and combustion processes

• Characterize materials for fuel cell hydrogen storage: sorption, gas desorption and selectivity

• Characterize materials used for CO2 capture and sequestration: sorption, gas desorption, selectivity

• Determine the thermal stability, heat transfer and self-discharge of cells and batteries

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Design and production of metal parts and assemblies

KEP Technologies, through its brand KEP METAL SOLUTIONS, offers its know-how to clients for the study and manufacture of technical parts and assemblies, integrating a wide range of metalworking technologies.
These are particularly critical parts and assemblies with extremely tight manufacturing tolerances such as: control panels, battery cells and components, fuel cells, power generation systems, solar panels.



Water treatment

KEP Technologies offers its intervention capabilities, in France and abroad, in the water treatment field. These engineering projects concern the realization of the control / command and electricity package for sewage treatment plants, for drinking water supply stations (dam, water table) as well as the complete realization of lifting stations.




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