What solutions does KEP Technologies offer to the health industry?

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With its expertise in materials characterization and industrial control, KEP Technologies supports its customers, major players in the health sector, on subjects as diverse as the development of pharmaceutical formulations or the control of medical devices.

A strong capacity for innovation and a long experience in the management of complex projects allow the Group to accompany its customers at different stages of development of innovative devices.

Pharmaceutical formulation development

Through its Setaram brand, which offers material characterization solutions, KEP Technologies helps its customers in the development process of pharmaceutical formulations.

Its solutions are applied to solid forms, such as powders or tablets, or to liquid forms, such as solutions of biomolecules: proteins, enzymes, etc.

 The data generated contributes to the selection of the best formulas and their manufacturing processes, in order to achieve the targeted objectives in terms of drug activity, and to improve their stability, i.e. their conservation over time.



    To understand the behavior of molecules, in order to optimize their activity in the human body.


    To inform developers about the temperature and time stability limits of drugs.


    To check the purity of the chemical constituents that go into the composition of drugs.

Medical device control

KEP Technologies helps ensure the quality of medical device manufacturing. Its Setsmart brand offers its customers solutions to control their industrial production. These measurement solutions include the control of external dimensions and geometric specifications. They are notably used by orthopedic prosthesis manufacturers to verify that the prosthesis parts manufactured will fit correctly, without the risk of causing functional problems or premature wear.

Other solutions are used to check the diameter and the absence of obstruction of small orifices. These very simple and reliable solutions are used worldwide to control the quality of production of pharmaceutical spray nozzles, syringe needles and other injection devices, or parts of breathing or oxygenation aids.

  • Pharmaceutical sprays

    To check the internal dimensions of the actuator button holes.

  • Injection devices

    To check the internal dimensions of devices such as syringes (body, needle).

  • Respiratory systems parts

    To check the internal diameter of orifices in critical parts such as venturi valves (which manage the oxygen mixture).

  • Orthopaedic implants

    To check the diameters and conicity of assembly parts, for example femoral heads and stems of hip prostheses.

Innovation in medical devices

With the support of an Innovation Center based in Geneva, and numerous partners, among the largest Research Centers and Universities, KEP Technologies is constantly developing new solutions, always more efficient, with an ever stronger orientation towards Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and new materials.

For many years, the KEP Technologies Group teams have demonstrated their ability to manage complex projects. They have also acquired multidisciplinary skills around multiple technological expertise.

Thus, KEP Technologies accompanies its customers at different stages of development of innovative devices, by consulting on technological and strategic choices, at the design stage or even at the development stage.


    Support for the customer in defining the need, technological choices, development strategy, project management.


    CAD (CATIA, SolidWorks, Autocad, Solid Edge, Top Solid …), multi-physics digital simulation (COMSOL, SolidWorks).


    Prototyping, 3D printing, manufacturing of complex parts, international sourcing.

KEP Technologies accompanies you on your projects in the health industry.

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